Star wars families

Star Wars is generational; for many, it is the movie equivalent of passing down family heirlooms. As the Skywalker saga comes to an end with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm and British Journal of Photography are thrilled to announce a new collaboration, Star Wars Families presented by eBay: an immersive photographic and editorial project that pays homage both to the saga and to the families who have enjoyed its magic for nearly half a century. An ambitious undertaking, Star Wars Families features 10 fan families around the globe, shot by 10 different photographers. 

The Star Wars Families project explores the unique stories of how Star Wars touched these families and the role that Star Wars has played in their lives, while paying tribute to the universal and intergenerational nature of Star Wars fandom.


Just as the Skywalker story arc echoes through the Star Wars galaxy, so our own family narratives bind us together across generations. Star Wars Families celebrates the family unit in all its diverse incarnations: from blood families to found families, big to small, modern to traditional, and everything in between, while examining how Star Wars has forged bonds within.


The collaboration seeks to celebrate these families by working with incredible photographic talent from around the world. Ten international photographers have created an editorial-style series of images, constructing a narrative around the idea of the family portrait. Accompanied by a behind-the-scenes videographer, the selected photographers spent time producing a shoot that records the intimate relationships of each family.

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